Doing Single Things? THEN BE SINGLE.

“We’re not in love anymore.” “She doesn’t care about me like she used to.” “I think she’s screwing around with another guy.” “I’m never enough for her.” “I deserve better.” “I’m not happy anymore.” “We have kids together, I can’t just leave.” (Please note, the “she’s” can most definitely be exchanged for “he’s”.) These are … Continue reading Doing Single Things? THEN BE SINGLE.

Valentine’s Day…or Singles Awareness Day?

  There are many tales and fables that surround the origins of our beloved Valentine’s Day. The majority of these come to the same theory that the Roman Emperor Claudius II beheaded a martyr by the name of Valentine, on February 14th , for helping Christian couples wed. Geez, now this is what you call … Continue reading Valentine’s Day…or Singles Awareness Day?