Drunk girls in the bathroom…there’s a reason we miss them.

International Women’s Day. Such an inspiring day for us girls. I’ve read about so many different rallies, protests, and marches today. I am in complete awe at how far we have come and how many more women are recognizing their own voices and standing up for what they believe in.

You’re probably wondering how my title has anything to do with such a monumental day so let me tie it in for you.

It’s past midnight, you’re at a bar. You need to use the bathroom, so you excuse yourself and head there alone. As soon as you enter, you are immediately met by a plethora of girls laughing and complimenting one other. Everyone’s so damn happy and you find yourself chiming in as well.

“OMG you’re like really pretty.”

“That is SUCH a cute outfit.”

“Your makeup is soooo good, that winged liner came out perfect.”

In walks a girl in tears, crying over a boy, and everyone feels the need to come to her immediate defense. “He is NOT worth it, you’re waayyyyy too pretty for him. He doesn’t deserve you.” Note, none of us have met this girl (or guy) in our entire lives. Still, I return 5 minutes later with a tequila shot, tell her to wipe her tears, and cheers to having a better night. True story, really.

Drunk girls in the bathroom are the most supportive women. You leave the bathroom feeling so much more confident than when you first walked in. What is the logistics behind that? Is it the euphoria of alcohol that is starting to settle in? Is it the fact we’re looking our best so we’re feeling our best too? Perhaps because we’re all in a similar situation, trying to have a good time while fending off the belligerently drunk guys clearly just looking for one thing. Whatever it is, it’s encouraging, it’s refreshing, it’s…empowering.

What if…bear with me now, this may be a completely ludicrous idea…what if we were this empowering to one another outside of the bathrooms? 

giphy (7).gif

I know! It’s crazy, right? Think about it. We insult, we compare, we compete with, we judge one another…why? Why is it so much easier to give an insult than it is to give a compliment? Why do we see one another as a threat? We’re all in the same boat, trying to have our voices heard while combatting the stereotypes and sexually profiling stigmas that are already out there against us. Why are we making it harder for one another when the world is hard enough against us already?

You know what feels good? A compliment from someone. You know what feels great? For myself, a compliment from another woman. Perhaps because they are far and in between, but I appreciate another woman’s kind words over a man’s any day. It shows strength and it shows you have confidence enough in your self to recognize the beauty of another female. I promise you, I have been on the other end of that situation as well and seeing a woman’s reaction when I compliment her made me feel great. I definitely felt so much better than the times I’ve insulted or judged another woman, either to her face or behind her back. The only thing that proved was my own insecurities and my own attempt to feel better about myself. We should not have to put others down to feel superior to them. Feel superior and help her feel superior as well.

So this is a thank you. A thank you to all the women in our past, present, and future who have empowered and will empower other women, fought and will fight for our rights, and have stood and will stand up for our beliefs. You are an inspiration. Every woman has a voice, you just have to learn how to use it.

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