Valentine’s Day…or Singles Awareness Day?

There are many tales and fables that surround the origins of our beloved Valentine’s Day. The majority of these come to the same theory that the Roman Emperor Claudius II beheaded a martyr by the name of Valentine, on February 14th , for helping Christian couples wed.

Geez, now this is what you call dying for love…literally. Let’s take history back a notch even more. These crazy ass Romans would have a feast they called “Lupercalia” between February 13th– February 15th. These romantic men would sacrifice a goat and a dog, whilst drunk and naked, and then whip women with the hides of the animals. It gets better…the women were ready and willing, and would line up for it. 

These women believed it would make them fertile. The man would pick his mate and the baby making would commence. Valentine’s Day has since become a little more civilized…. unless you’re 50 shades into that kind of stuff.

To each their own, so to those single people who are feeling down or on the outs about today…from what history has shown, it could be worse. Much worse. Let’s face it, to us singles, Valentine’s Day is simply singles awareness day. Everyone gets to enjoy their love for one another through gifts, social media posts, and expensive dates. You know what I’m going to enjoy? That full bottle of wine I’m going to drink tonight. Yes, I said bottle. I’ll scroll through my feed and throw likes to all the lovey dovey couples on my page, the genuinely cute photos, and the very cliche ones as well. You know what’s cliche? Proposing to your girl on V-Day…DON’T DO IT! Unless she’s previously expressed wanting this, fellas, I’m saving you here….DON’T DO IT.

Personally, I love Valentine’s Day so it doesn’t bother me to see others love it as well. I will say it doesn’t take expensive gifts or extravagant dates to make this day particularly special. My favorite V-year was one where my significant other at the time was attempting to surprise me. I showed up too early, so I had to wait in the car for 30 minutes before being allowed into the apartment. He attempted to cook and the steak was so bad, you could taste the gasoline from the pit. He then spilled red wine all over white carpet. It was hilarious, it was a disaster, and it was incredibly sweet to see him try so hard. Those little things are what the mind remembers. The fancy stuff doesn’t stick. So even if the funds are low, it’s truly the thought that counts. Enjoy each other, and for the rest of us…there’s someone out there worth waiting for. In the meantime, there’s wine.

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