Trust your gut…ALWAYS.

Something incredibly eerie happened to me last night. I went to the gym, granted I like to go later in the evening as to avoid the “after work” traffic. There tends to be a different crowd that ends up in the gym after 8pm, and I am always….ALWAYS the only female. The great thing is they part ways for me as if I’m Moses in the Red Sea when I walk through, such gentleman they are. Bad thing is they stare; JESUS DO THEY STARE. I have mastered the art of avoiding eye contact and have fine-tuned my peripherals to the utmost degree.

giphy 2

I finish my workout around 9:30, grab my jacket, and proceed to head out the door. My proficient peripherals kick in and I notice a boy, I say boy because he looks to be in his late teens, stop in the middle of his set and follow me. I immediately turn off my music, and turn around to glance at him so he knows that I know he is behind me. I get in my car; he walks past it, and then backtracks and waves to get my attention. First thought is, “Fuck, here we go.” Lock my doors, crack my window open about an inch, and ask him, “What’s goin on?”
Him: “Can I have a ride please? It’s cold and I’m right down the street.”
Me: “I don’t know man, I saw you follow me out and there’s 20 other guys you could’ve asked for a ride. I’m a girl who’s alone…put yourself in my shoes. I’ll buy you an Uber, cool?”
Him: “Okay, thanks.”
I order the Uber, and sit there and examine this guy. Again, he’s young…and smaller. I could probably take him. Ha. Who knows if he’s strapped with a knife or gun, or if our little journey will have led me to a group of guys who would have sold me into sex slavery. Either way, something doesn’t feel right. I check my Uber, Sean is 2 minutes away. It gives me comfort knowing it’s a male coming, as opposed to a female. Not saying a female can’t handle her own, but something tells me this kid won’t mess with a much larger male counterpart. He’s fidgeting a lot right now. Is he nervous about something? Could be the cold, it is 34 degrees out, but as if to answer my question…he books it. Runs full speed opposite direction of me. I knew it. I fucking knew it. That creep was up to no good. I cancel the Uber and head home.
I sleep through a very uncomfortable night, as I have the feeling there is someone in my apartment with me. (I live alone.) It’s extremely sad that as much as I wanted to be a good Samaritan, we unfortunately do not live in a good world. I don’t know what this kids intentions were, but I am extremely glad I trusted my gut and didn’t have the opportunity to find out.

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