Who cares what I have to say?

Possibly no one, and that’s okay. Reading and writing have always been hobbies of mine; as an asthmatic child confined to a room, a book was the perfect getaway.

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What better image than the flawless one your mind creates? Speaking of, don’t ever watch a movie AFTER you’ve read the book…the movie will always disappoint. I wrote competitively in high school, and journalism was my major as an undergrad until I sadly realized it was a dying field. Nonetheless, here I am. Here to vividly exploit myself in the truest form possible. “What is your angle going to be?”, I’ve been asked. Truth be told, I have no clue. Alas, the name…truthPtold. How punny.
I like to think I live an exuberant lifestyle. Travel, fitness, health, cooking, work, school, books, social life…I have a lot going on. I get asked a lot of questions via social media. You’re always on the go…do you even work? You like to read?….that’s surprising. What’s that recipe? What does that work out? How do you travel so much? Do you have a sugar daddy? Are you really 29? Are your eyelashes real? Are your lips real? Are your boobs real? Think of this as a lifestyle blog, a personal diary of mine for the public to read. I’ll post travel tips, what to eat, how to spend, etc…when and where I can.
Breckenridge, Colorado
San Andres, Colombia
Guatape, Colombia

IMG_2864 (1)

Tulum, Mexico
Costa Rica
I’m an open book, what you see is pretty much what you get. I talk a lot. A LOT. I have a lot of opinions. A LOT. I’m here to write as close to the verbiage I use in real life as possible. Which means I will curse. What is that you say? It’s not lady like to say fuck? Is it man like? As far as I’m concerned, if cursing does not make you less of a man, it does not make me less of a woman. I AM A FUCKING LADY. So for the sensitive eyes, I suggest tuning out now. Society has a stigma on how women should act, and I’m here to say it’s total bullshit. I’m a 29 year old woman, and guess what? Yes, I’m single. No, I’m not looking for a man. My eggs are just fine, thanks for asking. Yes, I do drink too much, thanks for noticing. Yes, I do demand the same respect any man does, and no, I will not take into account “double standards“. I live alone, I pay my own bills, and unless you want to take over one of those bills, you can keep your opinions of my lifestyle to your goddamn self.
Fact of the matter is…I’m happy. For the women in the same predicament as me, go on with yo bad self. That being said, if my words can have an effect on even one other person…this whole journey will be entirely worth it.

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